Thrundarr Frostreaver VII

Lord of Durin Brespar


The awe inspired by the Lord of Durin Brespar is difficult to ignore. Thrundarr Frostreaver VI stands at 12’ tall, possesses a gaze which could pierce stone, and seems an Aspect of Moradin himself. His arms could bend steel, and his Hammer crackles with unearthly power. He possesses no fear, and does not tolerate what is not according to his will.

He commands the respect and near worship of his entire realm, perhaps the only Dwarven Citadel which swells with prosperity, unharmed by external threats and culturally homogeneous. His office of High Lord is also a religious position, there is no theocratic order separate from the nobility.


Thrundarr finds himself for the first time in his over 800 year old reign beset by outside forces he does not understand. He does however refuse to underestimate those who are arrayed against him and his realm.

His first move has been to recruit adventurers to retrieve ancient weapons forged to combat the demonic forces sure to oppose Durin Brespar.

Thrundarr Frostreaver VII

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