Kamion Dovienda

Human Warlock 12/Hellfire Warlock 3


Kamion Dovienda (Human Warlock 12/Hellfire Warlock 2)
AC 27 (Mithril Shirt +4(8), dex +6, Mithral Buckler, Ring of Deflection +2)
Fort +11
Ref +13
Will +15
Base Attack +10
Primary Attack: Eldritch Blast +18 (7d6 +2d6[item] +6d6[hellfire])
Invocations Known:
Baleful Utterance, Eldritch Spear, See the Unseen, Entropic Warding
Fell Flight, Brimstone Blast, Walk Unseen
Vitriolic Blast, Noxious Blast


Overview(General knowledge):
Kamion is a young Human Male, 6’ tall with a slim but solid build. He is dressed in travel-worn leathers, with a surcoat of blackened mithril chain. Draped over his shoulders is a fine blue cloak with silver trim.

Those who glance quickly at his face see a haughty young man, with the arrogance of a minor noble. Upon closer inspection, however, one would notice that his striking green eyes appear haunted, and his mannerisms are of one hunted.


Known by the party:

Kamion is the brother of Alexei, both of them growing up on a small farm in a remote village. Eventually they teamed up to travel the world and embrace adventure.

In depth(ie: Not general knowledge):

Being older, Alexei ventured into the world before Kamion. Thus, when the family farm was attacked, Kamion was the only one there to stop it. Unbeknownst to Kamion, the hobgoblin that murdered his family was goaded to do so by a demon. This demon then showed himself opportunistically, granting Kamion the power to kill the goblins, avenging his family. The demon did not appear to want anything in return, seeing this as more of an experiment than a traditional soul exchange.

Reveling in his newfound power, and with nothing to leave behind, Kamion sells whatever is salvageable and makes his start as an adventurer. As he grows in power, the source of it gnaws at him. He joins party after party, each casting him out once they realize just exactly what he is. Demoralized, but not giving up, Kamion vows to himself to gain in strength while searching for his brother, and acceptance.

Over time, Kamion is able to begin channeling the abyssal energy towards a positive purpose. This belief is enhanced when he finds Alexei, now a paladin of Heironious. Alexei has embraced a hatred of evil, not uncommon to paladins, but not without a surprising twist. For Alexei, in his travels, has begun to accept that vanquishing evil is the ends, and any means to get there is justified. Kamion is able to relax for the first time in what feels like ages.

However, frustrated with this change of events, the demon, font of Kamion’s powers, decides to up the ante. Through his subtle machinations, he is able to draw Kamion into a situation in which he will witness a devils true power, hellfire. Upon seeing this fearsome power’s effect in battle, Kamion cannot resist experimenting, and is soon able to apply it to his own eldritch blasts.

The temptation proves to be too great, and Kamion begins to backslide. His concern for the sanctity of life, and other creatures in general, begins to dissipate once more. Hellfire is a painful mistress, and its use shows heavily on Kamion’s frame. However, providence once again shows itself through the demon, in the guise of an ancient wizard, who promises to show Kamion the evil secret to preserving his health against the crueler side of hellfire. Uncaring to the consequences to those beyond himself, Kamion embraces the soulmeld, and begins to recover. Alexei notices the changes, but says nothing. For as long as Kamion remains with him, he can be sure his energies are focused in the right direction.

The two begin working for Beauregar, and Kamion begins to claw his way back from the depths of his own humanity once more. He hopes that this new quest, and his fellow party members, will keep him on that path. But how long can he resist the power?

Kamion Dovienda

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