A druid with a love of and focus on fire. Long apple red hair with golden highlights to make it look like living fire, golden eyes, and breathtakingly beautiful.


Fiacha is a Wild Elf. These particular elves have a passion and love of a specific plant, animal, element, and the like. Along with this, their appearance mimics this specific affinity. Fiacha in particular has a love of fire.

Fiacha is 5’6” and 120 pounds. She has slightly curly apple red hair with golden highlights which make her hair look as if it is living fire when it moves. With her golden eyes, firey hair which she wears in several braids that form into one large braid until the back of her head where her hair is free to fall as it may, and pale skin Fiacha is strikingly and hauntingly beautiful.

She wears red Dragonrider armor, charcoal gray fitted pants, and black leather boots. Along with this Fiacha has a cloak of Elemental protection which she wears, as well as a fireball necklace.



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