Ordo Loci Evincar

The Cabal of Vile Mysteries, Order of Ancient Horrors, The Crimson Compact, Valens Malincari, Aimeth Aleinarai


A Society of 12 Liches, each bound to a secret fate. These powerful magi move in an organized and methodical manner throughout the Prime Material Plane and beyond it, seeking out the components to what many sages argue is a feat of magic beyond the power of mere mortals.

It seems their latest acquisition is that of the internal organs of an Aspect of Ehlonna, dispatched efficiently prior to the arrival of the party. While a member of theirs was defeated, it could be said that Rasselya was not truly a member of the Order, merely a probationary member. The true might of these assembled spellcasters has yet to be seen…

Ordo Loci Evincar

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