Beauhilde - Deceased


In almost foppish attire, Beauhilde loosely resembles the Lord Beaurgar you recall from memory. It’s odd to think of now, that Beaurgar never truly existed, though the stories of your adventures and tales he used to spin make him seem as though he could never be a fabrication. Beauhilde bears a mournful expression now, she fears her prophesied death, and inside bitterly hates that her duty to her cause has led her to live this incredibly lonely life. She has deceived and lied to all those she has ever cared for, and feels that she deserves her fate, though she fears it.


Beauhilde has been raised to her task, that of an infiltrator of the outside world beyond Pogrom Forest, a world feared and despised by her countrymen and Liege.

She has accomplished many missions on behalf of Durin Brespar, using the ingenious Ring of the Spymaster, which causes her to be beyond the suspicions of any who encounter one of her clever alter egos.

Each of you fondly remember many adventures with Lord Beaurgar, and while it was all a ruse, you still bear friendly feelings toward him. This dwarf woman however… does not seem to be that person in the slightest, despite your knowing it is. A tragic figure, Beauhilde is meant to draw the characters into the world, and make them aware that all is not what it seems, but that is not necessarily a frightening thing.

Ultimately, Beauhilde’s soul was bound into the intelligent Demon Quelling Sword. She passes from this mortal coil to take war eternal to the demonic forces which threaten a home she has never truly known. It was her lot in life.

Beauhilde - Deceased

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