The Geas of Thrundarr

The Geas of Thrundarr

Here it is, the Adventure Log for The Geas of Thrundarr!

1. Characters met up at the Bristled Boar Inn, at the edge of the known world. The utter frontier, with the Cursed Pogrom Wood to the north, and the dreaded Flats of Death to the West. Here they met Lord Beaurgar, a dwarven lord who had previously been a close friend to each of them. He had gathered them to trek to the isolationist Durin Brespar, a dwarven hold not seen by outsiders for over 800 years!

2. Journeying carefully through the Pogrom Wood, the party was careful not to bring great attention to themselves, for they were constantly being watched! The ancient trees here were twisted with resemblance to dwarven ancestors, reflecting the common belief of the dwarves of the Brespar, that the wood contains the souls of their ancestors, determined to prevent the keep from harm.

3. Ultimately, the party reaches the gates of Durin Brespar, and are taken to await an audience with the King Under the Mountain. While they traverse the halls, they notice that the hold is in the best condition of any dwarf holds they’ve ever visited, seemingly not in the typical decline but positively booming! In line for their audience, they meet a clever trader who wishes to strike a deal with the adventurers for securing a hidden trade rout out of the isolationist hold. The Inquisitor of the group however did not take kindly to this dwarf desiring to break the law of the realm, but did agree to meet up later.

4. In the Hall of Ancestors, the party met with the Lord of the Brespar, King Thrundarr Frostreaver VII. An impressive figure, the seemingly avatar of Moradin laid a geas on the party, for it swore to retrieve the Longbow Thaas, and the Demon Quelling Sword from the outer planes. Ultimately, Thrundarr bid them leave, and directed them to a portal to the World Tree, Yggdrisil.


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